A nostalgic return to the past

I could talk long and complicated about my grandmother. She is my dearest friend. My grandmother and I often talk about how things are now and how they used to be... that on the one hand it's completely different, but at the same time we understand each other's difficulties and everything that women struggled with then and now. In the past, it was sometimes easier when all the children were running around outside and there was no smell of rushing cars in the air. And other times it was even more difficult, when you couldn't stay with your child in the hospital, you just had to hide under the bed so that they wouldn't chase you away. All this prompted me to make papers on the theme of returning to the past, a nostalgic return, filled with cream and flowers.

I thought about my grandmother when creating "In Grandma's House".

Because grandma is a rock. Grandma is a person who has a house that has not been changed for years, with precious glassware, comfortable armchairs and colors on the walls. Her house smells of goulash and cake, and when I cross the threshold of the hall and she meets me, I return to my childhood and feel safe.

I thought about my grandmother when creating "Grandma's Memories"

Because grandma is strong. How much she has survived is only known by herself and the ghosts of the past. These are memories about the war, about resettlement, about a new home, about a difficult childhood. These are memories of a strict upbringing and raw love on which she grew up, but which does not determine her at all, because there is a lot of warmth and cordiality in her.

Grandma is faith. Faith in the Most High, who gives her steadfastness in overcoming all adversities, and at the same time faith in us - in her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, which accompanies us undisturbed throughout life.

I thought about my grandmother when creating "Cream Wedding Flowers".

I still remember the wedding photo that hung on the wall in her apartment for so many years. She and grandpa – young, beautiful, black and white.

My grandmother will soon be 81 years old. And she is the strongest, most tireless and brave woman I know.

The pain of losing her husband did not break her.

Diseases and ailments did not break her.

And even more so, she was not broken by the loneliness that accompanies her every day when we cannot be with her. On the contrary, she made loneliness her confidante and friend, she appreciated the peace she had and the freedom that comes with being alone with herself. I admire her for this every day.

I also thought about my grandmother when I created "Flowers for Grandma", because:

These papers are for you, grandma.

I love you most in the world.

Thank you that you are.

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