Christmas cards

Christmas cards. The day has come when we say goodbye to Christmas inspirations and say: "see you next year." Christmas is just a few moments away, and to sweeten your wait, let's remember what this year's Christmas cards looked like, created by the amazing Artianette design team. Mary with baby Jesus Did you like the theme of Mary with [...]

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About body acceptance

I am beautiful acceptance coloring pages There is a certain perversity in the fact that the older I get, the more wrinkles on my face and the more kilograms in my body, the more I accept myself. I would even say that I not only accept, but love my body and I think it is beautiful the way it is. Would I like it to be healthy, smooth, young, fit and...

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My eyes are green

"My eyes are green" Let me ask: Who doesn't know the words of Anita Lipnicka from the song "My eyes are green"? For those who don't remember or don't know, I'll quote the text below: If I were to say what I think about the world today With my right hand on my heart, I would say that it's not the worst yet. Even though the times are bad to live in spite of.

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