PNG plant and leaf graphics

Flower Corner PNG Graphics Leaves is a wide selection of leaves in PNG format. Each leaf is in a separate file to make it easy to scale and fit to your individual design.

The files are 3600x3600px in size, 300 dpi resolution.

PNG graphics leaves are a fantastic addition to all kinds of creative and handicraft works, but also to create banners, websites, and utilitarian products - posters, mugs, textiles, edible prints.

If you want to buy leaves but we don't have them yet, write to :)

The Artianette commercial license allows you to:
  • unlimited file printing
  • transferring files to digital and physical objects
  • using files to create your own designs for resale (both physical and digital)
  • introducing changes such as scaling, mirroring
  • reselling and renting graphics to third parties
  • reproduction, copying graphics for further resale
  • making significant changes without Artianette's written consent

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