Garden Stories SET 01

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  • jpg file for downloading and printing
  • 1 A4 sheet
  • resolution 300dpi
  • number of downloads: unlimited
  • validity of download links: 60 days

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  • the license allows unlimited printing of downloaded graphics
  • the license allows you to transfer graphics to digital or physical products for further resale (handicraft products, textiles, ceramics, clothes, etc.)
  • the license prohibits the resale, rental or sub-licensing of graphics in both digital and printed form
  • the license prohibits changing or altering graphics without the manufacturer's consent (changing the size, mirroring is allowed)

Garden digi scrap garden

Garden Stories SET 01 – elements to cut out on A4 sheet

The file in JPG format can be downloaded and printed independently.

Therefore, the file will be ready for download immediately after making the payment - in the case of unregistered people, immediately after returning to the store website. For registered people, the file will also be available from the "My account" panel -> "Files to download". After downloading to a computer or other medium, it should be opened with a dedicated program for files with the jpg extension.

Garden digi scrap garden

Garden Stories SET 01 - cutting elements on A4 sheet - suitable for all creative and artistic works, both for private and commercial use. The papers are perfect for creating greeting cards, albums, expansion boxes, and other works using paper. Moreover, their timeless designs will never get boring! 🙂

The product will allow you to let your imagination run wild and create in unlimited ways! You can print as much as you want!




  • The digital license allows unlimited printing.
  • It is prohibited to sub-license, sell in an unchanged form, share, rent, rent or distribute digital materials in an unchanged form.
  • Files may be transferred to digital or physical products for resale

Additionally, the license is available on the Terms and Conditions .


  • These are digital files and as such are non-refundable - sorry
  • Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings
  • We recommend printing files at the highest quality in the printer settings, only this quality reflects the color depth of the downloaded files, at lower resolution the colors may be paler




Above we present a project with graphics and digital papers for printing - the GARDEN STORIES collection. The first sheets of this collection were available in the store on March 9, 2024.

The collection of scrapbooking papers called "Garden Stories" is a tribute to the love of gardening and the fascination with the beauty of nature. This name was born from the desire to express the stories hidden in the gardens, stories about the growth, development and beauty of blooming plants.

The love of gardening is like a love affair with nature. It's a feeling that leads us to discover the secrets of plants, discover the cycle of life, and gives us the opportunity to create our own little corner of paradise. For many people, gardening is not only a hobby, but also a way to relax, unwind and fulfill creative aspirations.

Garden digi scrap garden


The graphics included in the "Garden Stories" collection take us to the world of colors, smells and emotions that accompany growing plants. Flowers in full bloom, juicy vegetables, picturesque plots and flower pots full of life - these are just some of the motifs that can be found on these papers. Their charming patterns and colorful illustrations bring the pages of scrapbooks to life, allowing you to immortalize wonderful moments spent in the garden.

"Garden Stories" is not only a collection of papers, but also an inspiration to create unforgettable projects. Each sheet becomes a canvas on which you can immortalize your garden memories - from the first germinating seeds to the bountiful harvest. It's an opportunity to share the story of our garden adventures that we couldn't express in any other way.

This collection is also about sharing passion and love for gardens. It brings joy, inspiration and the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of nature and the work we put into its care. "Garden Stories" is a collection of papers that makes us reflect on the cycle of life, the beauty of nature and the magic of garden creativity.

If you have any questions or problems with downloading the files, please contact us by e-mail at: or via Messenger.

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We wish you many creative moments with Artianette products. 🙂

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