Tattooed Bearded Man 03 PNG

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Digital art Tatooed Bearded Man PNG clipart 03

  • PNG file with transparent background
  • two variants to choose from: with or without white border
  • size 3600x3600px
  • high resolution of 300dpi, which allows you to change the scale without losing quality :)

NOTE: The file will be ready for download immediately after making the payment, after returning to the store tab, and in the case of registered Users, the file will be available from the "My account" panel -> "Files to download".


  • the license allows unlimited printing of downloaded graphics
  • the license allows you to transfer graphics to digital or physical products for further resale (handicraft products, textiles, ceramics, clothes, etc.)
  • the license prohibits the resale, rental or sub-licensing of graphics in both digital and printed form
  • the license prohibits changing or altering graphics without Artianette's consent


graphics of a man, tattoos, beard – a file in PNG format and high resolution of 300 dpi.

Graphics of a man tattoos beard tatooed bearded man PNG clipart 03: the file has been prepared for self-download and printing or digital use. The file size will facilitate its transfer to surfaces such as:

  • sheet of paper
  • canvas bag
  • decorative pillows
  • clothes
  • cake wafers
  • and many other products

On the other hand, it is perfect for practical or decorative use, such as:

  • posters
  • prints on textiles: fabric bags, pillows, clothes
  • prints on ceramics: mugs, plates, bowls
  • prints on furniture
  • edible prints
  • and many others

Moreover, the high resolution of the file will allow you to change its size without losing quality.

Let us add that the file was prepared in two versions: a raw version and one with a white border to facilitate cutting.

The file will be ready for download immediately after payment from the "My account" panel -> "Files to download". After downloading to a computer or other medium, it should be opened with a dedicated program for files with the png extension.


Graphics of man tattoos beard tatooed bearded man PNG clipart 03 in watercolor style is the perfect addition to any projects for both women and men.


Thanks to the PNG format with a transparent background, this graphic is extremely versatile and easy to use. It can be used for a variety of projects, such as designing posters, leaflets or graphics on social media, promoting brands aimed especially at men. However, we especially recommend using the graphic of a bearded man for projects such as:

  1. Scrapbooking:
    • Diary Pages : You can create diary or album pages with photos of a man who has similar tattoos and facial hair. It can be a personal story or a fictional story.
    • Greeting cards : Use graphics on men's birthday cards, Valentine's Day cards, or thank you cards.
    • Backgrounds for photos : You can use the graphics as a background for photos or as a decorative element on scrapbook pages.

Additionally, you can use the PNG graphic of a man with a beard and tattoos on his hands to:

  1. Decorations and posters:
    • Wall decorations : Create your own posters or paintings to decorate your interior.
    • Stickers : You can turn graphics into stickers to decorate laptops, phones or notebooks.
  2. Clothing and accessories:
    • Clothing Stickers : You can use your graphics to create heat transfer stickers and personalize your clothing.
    • Bags and backpacks : Design your own bags or backpacks using graphics.
  3. Other DIY projects:
    • Magnets and key rings : Create fridge magnets or key rings with the image of a bearded man.
    • Notebooks and calendars : Design your own notebooks and calendars with your chosen cover graphics.
  4. Digital projects:
    • Wallpapers and avatars : Use your graphics as a background on your computer desktop or as an avatar on social media.
    • E-Cards and E-Invitations : Create digital greeting cards and invitations with graphics of your choice.

Graphics can help visualize and strengthen the message, attracting the audience's attention and adding professionalism to the presented content.


Graphics of man tattoos beard tatooed bearded man PNG clipart 03

The product will certainly allow you to let your imagination run wild and use graphics in non-obvious ways! You can print as much as you want and sell your products with my graphics as much as you want!

Additionally, if you want a file prepared for a different size, please contact us at for an individual quote.




  • The digital license allows unlimited printing.
  • It is prohibited to sub-license, sell in an unchanged form, share, rent, rent or distribute digital materials in an unchanged form.
  • Files may be transferred to digital or physical products for resale

The license is also available on the Regulations .


  • These are digital files and as such are non-refundable - sorry
  • the number of downloads is unlimited, but they expire after 60 days - after that time you must purchase the files again (at the same time, I would like to remind you that files purchased once can be printed without restrictions)
  • Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings
  • I recommend printing files at the highest quality in the printer settings, only this quality reflects the color depth of the downloaded files, at lower resolution the colors may be paler


We wish you many creative and pleasant moments with Artianette products. 🙂

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If you have any questions or problems with downloading the files, please contact us by e-mail at: or via Messenger.





white border, no border

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Graphics of man tattoos beard tatooed bearded man PNG clipart 03Tattooed Bearded Man 03 PNG
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